Resident Evil 4 remake finally gets its most highly anticipated DLC

Resident Evil 4 is a remastered edition of a fan-favorite horror game, staying true to its source material while improving upon its gameplay and graphics. Capcom fans from all over the globe have long awaited news of a possible Separate Ways DLC for the Resident Evil 4 remake, an expansion that allowed players to take control of Ada Wong in the original RE4. During Sony’s State of Play stream, players received confirmation of the DLC as well as a surprising release date. Ada stans rise up, your content is coming soon.

If you’ve played the original RE4, then you likely already know about the Separate Ways add-on and what it brings to the game. If not, it allows you to control secret agent Ada Wong as she traverses the game parallel to Leon’s own journey. Separate Ways offers a new perspective through the eyes of the mysterious spy. In the older game, players saved Leon in emotional eucatastrophic moments as Ada.

The Separate Ways DLC is coming quite soon, releasing in exactly one week on Thursday, September 21. If the base remake says anything about the add-on, then it’s sure to offer edge-of-your-seat thrills as you live through Ada. The expansion will accompany Mercenaries’ own free update, which brings notorious antagonist Albert Wesker himself to the game.

If you love the game yourself and can’t wait to experience its surreal world through Ada’s eyes, be sure to check out our in-depth overview of the Resident Evil 4 remake cast for a better understanding of her and the other characters you’ll encounter. Alternatively, browse through our roundup of all of the Resident Evil 4 remake unlockables to make sure you’ve done 100% of the content in-game.

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